AAI made with love: interior fragments from the diary of a passionate world traveler


It was 2012, during a tour of Southeast Asia. Enchanted by the deep dark blue nights on the Mekong. The frozen silence of the nights. The awakening of the tranquil landscape of Indochina with its mystical dew. Undiscovered treasure of unique vintage materials at local markets featuring breath taking colours and prints, manufactured by the Thailand Hill Tribes. Handwoven batiks with natural indigo pigment of the nomadic mountain people Blue Hmong. It was here that I made the decision to merge years of passion for interior design, my experience in the interior design industry and my love for craftsmanship and vintage, raw and natural materials into a new interior brand. It was in Southeast Asia in 2012 that AAI made with love was born.


Now, years and a lot of hard work later, we are grateful that AAI made with love has grown into a brand that speaks to a large group of interior enthusiasts with whom we may share our passion for interior, craftsmanship, sustainability and natural, recycled, vintage materials. All AAI made with love products are designed and manufactured with delicate care and love, and come together in four product series: Indochine Mornings, Vietnam Days, Vintage Noon and Mekong Nights. These series  form the base of the AAI made with love collection, each representing a different feeling and design principle.



The Mekong Nights collection is inspired by those enchanting dark blue nights on the Mekong. The rippling water, the green-blue tones, the silence at night and the animal sounds on the Mekong are the base of this collection. The Mekong Nights collection uses rough and sturdy materials, materials with a raw finish. Products with guts.



Vintage Noon stands for special vintage and recycled materials. There is so much beautiful existing fabric with a story that deserves to be reused and re-loved. This collection mainly consists of materials that have been given a lot of time, attention and love over the past decades. The celebration of ancient craftsmanship in the vintage noon products not only help fulfil our sustainability efforts but also give the interior that extra bite of character.



During travel through South East Asia I was overwhelmed with the encounter of all the beautiful colours. The most breath taking colours and prints are used in fabrics, flowers, decoration and much more. Some of these fabrics have been manufactured by the Hill Tribes in Thailand, India and Vietnam for decades with craftsmanship passed on from generation to generation. Working with specialised local studio’s these beautiful colourful and vintage fabrics are processed in the Vietnam Days collection. For a cheerful coloured interior and surprising in combination with the soothing tones of modern day interiors.



The awning landscape in Indochina is the inspiration for our Indochine collection. The beautiful dew, the silence and the soft toned colours that you sur come in the morning are reflected in the delicate, fine and cuddly fabrics in natural, pastel and powder tones. Fresh, soft and cuddly are the pillars of the Indochine Mornings collection. Easy to combine in any interior.


Living with my family in Leiden, I have a solid home base. The perfect testing ground for new products and developing new collections. Many products that AAI made with love develops are born from a personal need for that original and innovative product that brings alive the personal touch in the interior. I still get a lot of my inspiration from travel, art and fashion, but also from everyday life. When you live with an open mind you will find inspiration everywhere.




Annemarie Mulder – Vlaming


Creator AAI made with love