Cleaning Instructions

Our products are made with love, care and pleasure and we hope that clients will find the same joy owning them.

To ensure this, please never use chemicals to clean the products and wash with lukewarm water as vintage, recycled and natural fabrics are delicate and therefore ask for a gentle treatment.

Made with love, handle with love, clean with love!





Cotton is a natural fiber that can be easily washed.

Washing: Our advice is to wash at 40C with a mild detergent.

Drying: We recommend not to dry our fabrics in the dryer. Cotton creases quickly and can be ironed.


Clean our stonewashed carpets by vacuuming. Use a detergent based on natural ingredients, do not scrub, to avoid color difference.




Canvas is a solid fabric that can endure a lot.

Washing: Our advice is to wash at 40C with a mild detergent.

Drying: We recommend not to use dryer for our fabrics.


Our canvas cushions have been given a water repellent treatment. After washing, the substance may be less water-repellent. You can spray it on again with a water repellent for textiles, available at the drugstore.



Most natural linen fabrics are washable, but be careful with this.

Washing: Wash linen products by hand with a mild soap or wash them in the washing machine using the hand wash program, with a mild detergent.

Drying: Linen crease rapidly and therefore it is better to let the garments lying or hanging to dry. Linen can be ironed.


Drying: Do not tumble dry.



Woolen products must be handled very carefully. Wool does not need to be frequently washed. Just let it out and vent.

Washing: Our woolen throws are best steamed or left occasionally outside to air. Would you still like to wash, do it on a wool program on max. 30C with a mild detergent.

Drying: Do not tumble dry!


Recycled vintage fabrics

These ancient fabrics are usually not colorproof and are often made with patchwork, so you need to handle the products with care.

Washing: Do not wash, but let the goods steam or hang

Drying: Do not tumble dry!


Sisal and jute

This natural material does not need to be washed, but vacuuming our sisal and jute rugs will do just fine!


Cotton Rugs

Stains on the carpets can be cleaned with a cloth and mild detergent (no Biotex). Rugs may not be washed in the washing machine.


Made with love, with love handle, clean with love!