The Mekong Nights collection is inspired by the dark blue nights on the Mekong. The rippling water, green-blue tones, the silence at night and the animal sounds on the Mekong became the foundation of this collection. For the Mekong Nights collection we use rough and tough materials with a raw finish. Products with guts.



Vintage Noon stands for beautiful vintage and recycled materials. There is so much beautiful existing material to find which has a story attached to it- that we can not leave it and want to reuse / process it. For this collection we mainly use materials to which a lot of time, attention and love was given and which we think deserves a second life. By doing this AAI tries wherever possible to be sustainable. With this collection you give your interior a special twist.




The awakening of the beautiful countryside in Indochina is our inspiration for the Indochine collection. The beautiful dew, the silence and the soft colors that you witness there in the morning, are reflected in the soft, fine and AAIcuddly fabrics in light and natural colors. Fresh, soft and cuddly are the cornerstones for this series. Easy to combine and fits into any interior.




During our travels through South East Asia, we were overwhelmed by the beautiful colors that you encounter. In fabrics, flowers, decorations and more, the most beautiful colors and prints are used. These substances are produced for decades by the hill tribes in Thailand, India and Vietnam. For the Vietnam Days collection we use this beautiful colorful vintage fabrics. A brightly colored interior and beautiful in combination with calm tones.