Vietnam Days grey carpet wool 160x230cm Showroom Model


This handmade rich soft Vietnam Days woolen carpet will blend easily into your home. It has a very luxurious feel!



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Care: Made with love, handle with love, clean with love!

If you have a wool rug, the rug may come off fluff during the first period. We want to help you as best as possible by giving maintenance tips on how to prevent this. Wool is very fluffy by itself. Wool has fibers of 4 to 6 or 3 to 5 inches. (One inch is 2.5 centimeters). If the fiber is cut off the Wool at say 5 or 4 inches, then only a small portion of that fiber will remain. So this is the piece of fluff that still has to come out.

*Vacuuming your rug

From the moment you buy a wool rug, it is important to keep it up to date. From day one, you can vacuum your wool rug.. If you keep this up well, the rug will last longer. In the beginning the carpet will fluff. It depends on the amount of wool how long this will take.

*Humidity in the room

When the humidity in the room is too low, the rug can start to fluff. To keep the humidity stable and at the right height, you can place a container with water on the heating or spray the rug from time to time to prevent fluff.


A wool rug is given “walking routes” as soon as it is in place. Certain parts of the rug are more walked on than others. Places that get more exercise are more likely to fluff. By turning the rug a few times a year you prevent fluff from forming.

Please never use chemicals to clean the products and wash them with lukewarm water.



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